Auto startup discosrv on boot & crash

hi guys.

need your help - was late yesterday :slight_smile:

I can’t remember how I made sure that discosrv started automatically on my rpi (needed to format the sd card). I thought I was using rc.local or init / init.d for boot but can’t get it run :frowning:

Well, Google how to start something on boot on rpi.

As for can’t get it to run, you are not defining what that means, errors you are seeing, etc, so there is no way we can help you.

thank you. discosrv runs (manually). I need a good startup and crash handling script.

I will submit systemd files for discosrv and relaysrv next week.

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while :; do ./discosrv; done in bash.

Danke Stefan :wink:

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just found

Or just use the exact same thing you would for Syncthing, but call discosrv instead.

tried without success :frowning:

starting works fine with rc.local…

Bitte. :wink:

I have opened a pull request for systemd files for the discovery and the relayserver. Unfortunately these are not baked yet until I actually manage how to setup that beast(s). Might have to do with my zero experience in go, I’ll come back to it soon. :slight_smile:



but you wont need go right?

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