Auto start

I have a stock Samsung Note 10+ with Android 11 and OneUI 3.1.

I installed recently Syncthing and I like it a lot! I tried to sync my mobile photos with my home NAS. I set the options to sync only in my wifi, and disabled global discovery and relaying for security purposes. Everything was instantly synced!

So, I expected when I entered my home today and the phone was connected to the wifi, the new photos to be uploaded. But nothing happened…

When I manually launced Syncthing, sync started and photos where uploaded. I have set the permissions not to be optimized for battery.

Is there a setting I am missing, so Syncthing will auto start? I tried to use Tasker, but I didn’t like this approach, because the app stays in foreground when started.

Thank you!

It might be related to app updates. I think even if you check the option “always run in background” (or similar), the app is still closed when installing a new version, and not automatically restarted afterwards. So you need to open it manually from time to time.

Note the reason why it’s not configured to be started by Android itself automatically is because that is a user preference within the Syncthing app, whether it should run in background at all.

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