Auto shutdown when finished uploading

Firstly, just wanted to say I love Syncthing! As stated in the topic title, it would be nice to have the app turn off when I’m not using/needing it though. Is this possible without having to force close? I’m not talking about just disabling, but having the app off until I launch it again.

@Erynn_Karmen, welcome to Syncthing!

Take a look at the REST API and how to manage Syncthing according to your needs.
Also please search the forum for solutions other users have come up with:

What’s the actual problem you want to solve, though? Once things are in sync and uploaded Syncthing should be quite idle and do little harm. So what harm are you seeing that makes you want to shut it down? Maybe we can fix that instead.


Hi, thanks for the response. I don’t like having a cluttered notification shade and even though Syncthing says it’s disabled, I’d rather not have a persistent notification stating that fact, and I don’t want to turn off its notification channel so that I know it’s working when I am using it. Also, I’m experiencing higher than usual idle battery drain so I’m not 100% sure if that’s related, although I bet it’s an issue with Android. A reset solve this problem, however.

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If the notification says that the application is disabled, then it should not drain any battery. It will still use some RAM in the background, but should not use any CPU. The persistent notification itself is required to prevent Android from killing the application.

Now, if you experience battery drain when Syncthing is actually working, then I would say that there are at least two factors to consider. Firstly, scanning and syncing actual files obviously requires power. Secondly, even when idle, maintaining connections will also have some impact on battery, especially if you are on a spotty network connection, e.g. mobile data and not WiFi.

Right, everything you’ve said makes perfect sense. I guess I don’t want Syncthing running in the background at all when not in use. Right now I have to force close the app and only manually run it whenever I need to sync files. It’s not a huge deal, but would be nice to have a feature where Syncthing turns itself off once it’s finished its job. For example, the torrent app I use turns off automatically once a file is finished downloading.

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You may want to try out Syncthing Fork ( It has some additional battery saving features in comparison to the official app. Although when it comes to the notification and running in background, I do not believe that you can disable that there either.

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Syncthing is for bidirectional sync, not one of download like torrent is used most of the time.

How can Syncthing know, that you won’t add any files to the directories you told it to sync in the next hours. How can it know, that the other devices won’t make any changes which need to be synced in the next hours. Shutting off, as soon as there is nothing to do in the moment, will make it unreliable.

You can turn off “Start on system start” in the app settings, so it only starts when you start it and you can close it from the main menu inside the app. This is probably closest to what you want.


Thank you for the recommendation, I will look into that!

You’re probably right. It’s an extra step, but a minimal cost considering how useful Syncthing is.

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