(armbian) Continuous crash when using usb drive

Hi everyone, I noticed that whenever I try to run Syncthing and place files in a usb drive, it crashes after a while. The crash affects not only the program, but the whole system too.

I’m using Syncthing (latest version in 21/06/2022) on a docker container on an orange pi 3 LTS running armbian server Bullseye (latest updates and everything). I decided to use docker because my system would become non-accessible even after rebooting (sometimes). Even with docker, the system becomes unusable when syncthing crashes. My USB drive is mounted on /mnt/hdd .

Here’s what happens:

  1. I select a folder (located in the usb drive) and share it with my computer and phone (same local network);
  2. I disconnect my phone from the WiDFi and connect it to LTE: phone connects to orange pi and starts synching files;
  3. Before synching is completed, orange pi crashes and needs to be rebooted, CPU load goes crazy high although CPU usage is very low.

Syncthing runs perfectly when the shared folder is located inside the main storage, regardless the network I’m using.

PS. is it a good idea to run syncthing on docker? Thank you in advance :smile:

Output from said crash?

where can I find this output?

That could be caused by high IO-wait. You can configure htop to show detailed CPU usage to verfiy it. Keep also an eye on the kernel messages while you’re testing: dmesg -eT

What file system does the USB drive use?

i formatted it in ext4, fat32 and btrfs. It always gives the same problem

When Syncthing crashes, it usually creates a panic log in the config folder (see https://docs.syncthing.net/dev/crashrep.html). The exact location will depend on the OS and how you’ve installed Syncthing in the first place (see https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config.html).

okay, I’ll post it if it’s generated :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. So the problem is not related to syncthing hopefully.

The problem is the usb hdd I’m trying to use to store files. For some reason it’s mounted as read only at boot, so syncthing starts throwing lots of errors trying to access it. I think the hdd can be put away for now :frowning:

Anyway, thank you all for your help!

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