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Hi, I’d like to know if the arm version of syncthing should be able to run on an old armv5tejl from a nas. Running fine from my qnap, I revive an older nas to have a try. But at start, I get a

[root@WHITEBOKS syncthing-linux-arm-v0.14.42]# ./syncthing

Illegal instruction

[root@WHITEBOKS syncthing-linux-arm-v0.14.42]#

Not to digg if it’s useless, should it run and do I have a bug or is it to old ? Thanks,

We used to set GOARM=5 which should mean it should run. But apparently current builds are with the default value, ARMv6. I think that’s unintentional.

But I don’t know if that would fix your specific issue, arm versions are a bit magic.

See if this build works any different:

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Thank you ! I tried and get the same result :

[root@WHITEBOKS syncthing-linux-arm-v0.14.43-rc.1+8-gdb03562]# ./syncthing

Illegal instruction

[root@WHITEBOKS syncthing-linux-arm-v0.14.43-rc.1+8-gdb03562]# But never mind, I’ll maybe digg later :slight_smile:

I don’t recall exactly but I think Go dropped support for ARMv5 some versions ago.

No it still works, yet your CPU most likely doesn’t have float support in the CPU:

And we don’t compile with soft float support.

Yeah, that could be it. Builds are ARM5 now at least.

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