Are extended attributes in OS X supported, tags included?


I use BTsync at the moment, but want to change to Pulse like others here, because I love Open Source and I live the movement :slight_smile: Like my question in the subject of the topic I need to know if all extended attributes, tags included, are also synced by Pulse? In Yosemite I see, that BTsync wants to sync files which are used for the attributes. Does Pulse support this feature? It is important for me, because I use tags more and more for sorting and finding.


Nope, none of the exotic things are synced. Sorry.

Exotic? Yes, maybe of today, but in the future… ? More and more I use my files without clicking through hierarchies of folder structures and without favourites and so on. For me a dream :wink:

Thanks for you answer.

Hmm, well, yeah, “exotic” as in “very platform specific” in this case. Mac has various extended attributes, resource forks. Windows has multiple streams per file (or whatever it’s called there), each has various different interpretations of ACL:s, etc. Nothing philosophical against syncing it, it’s just kinda tricky and we haven’t gotten there yet.  :)

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