Architecture - port forwardward question

How can I share multiple directories on multiple computers to the internet world outside of my local network?

On my local network, I share among a half dozen computers and maybe a dozen directories. Only one computer syncs to the outside world a single directory because that’s where I port forward to.

I decided I wanted to be able to sync multiple local directories from multiple computers to my mobile computer when I’m out on distant internet locations. This is only possible if the one machine has all the desired directories, isn’t it? I can’t think of any way to share directories on other computers because I can’t port forward the syncthing port to multiple computers.

Hmmm… am I missing something obvious?

You can setup syncthing to listen on a different port on every computer and forward all different ports.


Okay… that makes sense. I’ve never had cause to use a non-default port yet.

I can set each internal node to listen to a different port, but if I do this, I think I need to go to every local node and tell it the customized port numbers for all of it’s peers.

I’ve searched in the docs for about 20 minutes to find a description of “Global Discovery” and “Enable NAT traversal”. Couldn’t find anything, so I have two questions.

Will I need to remember all the customized port numbers when standing up another computer on the far side of the internet, or will Global Discovery option get the IP:port info via the server for every node that has announced itself? I think that’s what “Global Discovery” does, right?

In the context of setting this up, what does “Enable NAT Traversal” do other than use the port forward I set up. Isn’t port forward synonymous with traversing a NAT?

Thanks for any insights!

Changing ports will not require you to do anything extra. Global discovery announces ip and port pair, so does local discovery hence you don’t need to do anything. NAT traversal tries to acquire a port forward by itself, not needing you to setup one.

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