Apps that work well with Syncthing

For a while I have been frustrated by using the DroidEdit app on my phone to edit notes and to-do lists to be synced to my desktop. Some days ago it finally occurred to me to search the forums here, and what do you know, I found a very useful discussion of just this topic

I’m posting here, just to suggest that a more general section on “apps that work well with Syncthing” might be useful addition to the docs. Helping new users achieve a smooth experience, would in turn help adoption of Syncthing.

Now, I know that instead of suggesting this, I should probably just send a pull request for what I’d like to see, but I don’t really feel that I’m in a position to do that at the moment.

And anyway, it might not be quite as good an idea as I imagine. Perhaps there are not that many other use-cases? Or maybe there already is such a section that I managed to overlook!?

So this is just a thought really, may it sink or swim on it’s own merits :slight_smile:

Docs are static, seldom updated, sometimes stale, and come with an air of official opinion. This seems perfectly suited to the more freewheeling style of a forum topic.

I see what you mean, but forum posts are something you actively have to look for, which may not occur to a newbie. Also I felt the urge to sum up some of the knowledge that was shared in that thread, like which apps used markdown and which had their own backend service etc. Seems like a waste that everyone has to do their own research… Then again not all use-cases would fit my categories, so freewheeling is good in that way.

Yeah… Information on the docs site is stuff that “we” need to maintain and keep up to date. This doesn’t seem like something I want to take maintainership of for the foreseeable future. :slight_smile:

Hm… I guess what got me fired up about this was the feeling of “hey, this is nice!”. And then of course I’d like more of that :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have just posted this topic as a general question…

Sounds like the perfect purpose for a Wiki. Kind of static (not a time-line like in the forum) and still obviously user contributed knowledge without any claim to be official. Technically there is the possibility to host a wiki on the GitHub project, and it could be linked to (as a whole) from the documentation.

Now non-technically, someone needs to volunteer for collecting and entering an interesting amount of content for it to be of any value. End of dream. :wink:

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Hm… technically I believe there is some form of wiki-post function in Discourse, although I have never used it and am not able to locate it in this instance. I guess that might have a substantially lower barrier to entry.

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