App will not launch in mac sonoma 14.2.1

I installed Syncthing, but when I click the app, nothing happens. There is no icon in the tray in the upper right of the screen. However, syncthing appears as a process in the Activity Monitor. Could someone help me get this working? TIA.

Try pointing a web browser at to see if Syncthing’s web UI is accessible.

Yes! It is accessible. I am now not entirely sure that I can perform the task I intended to perform with syncthing. Here is my objective: sync multiple folders (and included files) on Box to specific multiple folders on a remote server mounted on my mac as localhost (webdav protocol). many programs allow syncing, but the issue is that none I have found allow you to direct the data to an existing folder on the receiving side. Instead, even if the folder names match, the sync program wants to add new folders. So, I have had to resort to multiple sync jobs (1 for each folder), which is not tenable for hundreds of folders. Can syncthing help here?

For sake of clarity and brevity, I’ll refer to the source server as “Box” and the destination as “WebDAV”…

(You didn’t mention what OS is on the “Box” server, so I’m going to assume it’s also macOS.)

So if I understand correctly, you’ve got a bunch of files and folders on that are (hopefully) fully mirrored onto your “Box” server via Box Drive. Then you’d like to selectively sync multiple folders managed by Box Drive to your “WebDAV” server (a Mac) that’s offering a folder which is in turn a mount point for a WebDAV network share. However, the source and destination folder names aren’t necessarily 1-to-1 matches.

In Syncthing, destination folders on each device don’t have to match, i.e., if on “Box” it’s /Users/hwade/Box/A, on “WebDAV” it can be /Users/hwade/WebDAV/B. Of course, if you have hundreds of folders with the same requirement, then you’ll have to configure hundreds of folders in Syncthing, but there will only be one Syncthing handling the sync jobs.

On a related note…

If Box Drive isn’t set up to fully mirror your cloud storage to the local host, Syncthing won’t be able to monitor the “missing” files and folders that are in the cloud but only available on-demand on the host.

If it’s a one-way sync from “Box” to “WebDAV”, it should be okay with regards to file system change notifications. But if you need to have changes on "WebDAV’ sync back to “Box”, then you’ll have to rely on full folder rescans to detect changes because file system notifications generally don’t work across network shares.

From a performance perspective, if the WebDAV share has a lot of small files, some big files, or some combination thereof, tuning is going to be very important because the WebDAV protocol sits on top of HTTP, which isn’t designed to be a network filesystem like NFS, SMB, or others. Syncthing’s hashing and filesystem overhead is going to potentially generate a lot of network traffic between your “WebDAV” Mac and the WebDAV server.

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