App for accessing a remote Syncthing instance

Hi folks,

A while ago, an android app allowed to access a Syncthing instance running on my Ubuntu VPS. I can’t even remember the name of the app, to check if it’s still updated.

Could anyone help me out?


Syncthing ui is accessible via web, so any browser can access it.

Of course, I know that. But there was an app…

You don’t say for what platform. But regardless, it might be listed here:

Not official, but more featured

He’s asking about an app for remote control, not for running locally.

Syncthing-Lite for remote file access?

Sorry, as I posted under the tags #Android, I thought it wasn’t necessary. And I checked the contributions page, but unfortunately it isn’t listed there. The last time I used it I think I was still running Oreo.

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Unfortunately not. This one allows to upload to /download from a repo without having a local copy running.

The app I’m looking for had two parts: the local Syncthing instance, and somewhere to input IP and credentials to manage a remote Syncthing instance, in the same interface.

But maybe it’s too old and not maintained anymore. Thanks for the suggestion.

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