API red light and exclamation mark

I have installed syncthing on my macbook with MacOS Big Sur. It was initially running fine but now the syncthing icon on top right has an exclamation mark on it. It says ‘Running (offline)’ but and the API test has a red dot on it. What is going on? I searched all over google but no answer anywhere. Please help as I have been searching for a solution for almost 2 days before even posting here for help.

I have posted a similar post but due to work, i could not follow the post for more than 30 days and it was closed so I had to make a new post. I appreciate any help possible. Thank you. Attached is the screen shot.

Your screenshot does not show what you are describing.

I am so sorry. Thanks for pointing it out. Here is the actual image.

Any ideas anyone?

As far as I know it means Syncthing is running but the macOS wrapper can’t talk to the API. I’d double check that you didn’t start Syncthing outside the wrapper or change the API/GUI port.

How do I check that exactly? I know I haven’t changed anything. I just downloaded the package and ran it. Also, webgui is not accessible. It says page not found or whatever that message is when the page doesn’t exist.

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