API on 0.14 to DELETE and ADD

It’s possible to ADD and DELETE systems and paths on syncthing via API? I searched some examples but nothing helped.

“systems” and “paths” are not things in our API. Do you mean adding and removing devices and folders? If so that is done by posting a new configuration.

I’m sorry. Yes, add devices and folders. So I use POST /rest/system/config?


I need get all configuration and after do the POST with all configuration of all folders? I can’t do this just with “folder block”?

All time that will need to add new folder or new device, I will need get all XML configurarion?

It’s in JSON format in the API, but yes. GET the config, add the relevant section, POST it back.

Yes, JSON. I will have more than 10000 folders… hehehe Thanks!

All the better, the you can add them all in one transaction. You may also run into interesting scalability issues. Report back how it works out for you.

So, I’m working in a project that a client will create your docker container and the volume of this container is synced with other server via syncthing. I will not add 10000 folders of one time, I will add too many times during the day, one or two folders. It depends of clients.

Sorry for my inglesh.

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