Anyone using Syncthing on Mac OS with Synology?

Is anyone having any success running Syncthing on Mac OS Monterey with a network attached Synology NAS?

I read that Syncthing will not be officially supported on Synology starting with DSM v>=7. Syncthing had been running great for me on my Synology but when I moved it over to my Mac mini I just started having problem after problem.

I listed my initial (super) slow sync issues here:

But, things got even worse when I started downloading files. I went from being able to sustain >10 MBps when it was running on my Synology to now being lucky to get 1Mbps and it is constantly fluctuating and showing 0.

I assume this is related to what I read about here regarding the way Syncthing writes data.

I love Syncthing. It has been super solid. I was dissapointed having to move my local install to a Mac but was prepared. Unless I can figure out a way to speed this up this doesn’t look like a sustainable backup tool for me anymore (at least with a network attached device.)

Are people downloading locally to a folder on their internal HD and then moving over to the synology and deleting? I presume that might speed things up?

I can’t say much about your transfer speed issues, the description is too unspecific to pinpoint where to investigate.

Regarding the Synology package: The one on SynoCommunity just had a release yesterday and it is definitely supported for DSM 7. Don’t worry about it ceasing to be maintained.

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Oh wow, that’s fantastic news!!!

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