Anybody build with vscode (win11)?

I tried to run build.go but it threw

Starting: C:\Users\VIRGO SYSTEMS\go\bin\dlv.exe dap --check-go-version=false --listen= from c:\Users\VIRGO SYSTEMS\Desktop\code\syncthing-main
DAP server listening at:
Build Error: go build -o c:\Users\VIRGO SYSTEMS\Desktop\code\syncthing-main\__debug_bin.exe -gcflags all=-N -l .
package build constraints exclude all Go files in c:\Users\VIRGO SYSTEMS\Desktop\code\syncthing-main (exit status 1)

Thanks so much


I’m not entirely sure what vscode is trying to do here, but I think it’s treating the build script as the main package and trying to build & debug that. That won’t work. You probably need to tell it that the main package is in cmd/syncthing, and you’ll need to manually run go run build.go at least once to build the web assets.

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