Any ways to transfer big file directly without hashing?

I have my Linux backup file and a VMware virtual disk file. Both of them are larger than 50GB. When transfer these two files, hashing seems to be useless. The file need be be replaced entirely. I can have 80m/s speed without hashing and only 3-5 m/s with hashing. Can i disable hashing for some big files?

No. Syncthing is a block based continuous synchronization solution, hashing is a fundamental part of it. Also it might not be useless, as due to blocks data might be reused on the destination instead of transmitted. Anyway, if you just want to transfer backups/vm disks, that’s probably a regular, scheduled operation, so using rsync (or something similar) is probably the right solution.

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But how to rm some files from track list? Those two files are under a syncthing tracking folder

Thank you for that.