Any way to direct to an IP all the syncro?

I have several nodes. All them sync to a SINGLE server. I want to avoid the problems with relays stuff and all that things. I can open the ports needed in the server and in the clients (some of this are behind a firewall BTW)

Wich are the instruction for this configuration?

Best regards.

Devices have an address field and the docs explain what needs to go in there.

If the clients have public, fixed IP addresses that will be no problem. Just make them listen on ports that are reachable (open them on the firewall or use ports that are already open) and tell the others to connect to the IP and port configured for each client. If your clients have dynamic addresses, I suppose you will need to use the discovery servers. You will still need to make sure they listen on ports that can be reached from the outside (to be precise, at least one of the two in each pair should be reachable from the other).

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