any thought to possible git integration?

Apologies if this is an old topic, nothing seemed to match in a search.

It would be nice to have an option that when there is a new version of a file, instead of just replacing the old file, you use git to track the revision history of the file (with filters for what file extensions to check in, etc)

Has there been any thought or discussion of something along these lines?

It’s been mentioned at some point. I think the appropriate way to solve it is to implement hooks, so that some script can run before/after syncing, so it could essentially do a git add -A; git commit -m Syncthing after a sync pass.

Wby not just use git as the “sync medium”?

What if you used git add -A; git commit -m Syncthing as a command for the External File Versioning? Would this essentially create snapshots? One problem though is that Git doesn’t preserve timestamps.

It’s wrong because it runs before the change and not after. :confused: