Any ideas why Subnet Systems aren't Comparing File/Folder Counts Correctly?

2 systems (laptop + desktop) on same subnet and turned off Windows firewalls having issues with syncing (different Global Statue synces).

There no filters on this sync folder, but it’s almost 12k files and 1k folders difference. See attachments. Any insight?

Thanks, -Ben

What does Syncthing say when you click on the “11,919 items, ~6.39 GiB)” link?

Is Syncthing on the laptop configured to preserve permissions/ownership?

No, ST is NOT syncing permissions or ownership (see screenshot). All users are local admin’s. Windows NTFS file system.

What does the 11,919 items link show? It shows the Desktop “Out of Sync” items to the laptop with the issue. I’m just VERY concerned that the laptop with issue doesn’t report a problem. It reports it’s “Up to Date” which is a LIE. I have a 2nd laptop (older laptop) w/o any issues.

All running 1.27.2 aka Gold Grasshopper Desktop = Win 10, no issues. Laptop - Win 11, has issues. Won’t sync a # of files/folders. Laptop 2 - Win 10, no issues.

Completed Attempted Steps

  • On Laptop (Win 11 w/issue) - I’ve purged all the files under the problematic folder and it never completes the sync.
  • I’m going to remove the folder from the Desktop as a “Shared” folder. And attempt to re-add it on Desktop side.

Next Steps I’ll Attempt in 24 Hours

  • if above fails, I’ll uninstall and purge all files/folder including ST data and reinstall via SyncTrayzor.
  • if above fails, I’ll uninstall and install as native Windows client using the “Bill Stewart” installer which is their default option now.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

I suspect this is the infamous “we screwed up the indexes” bug. Probably worth removing the folders on both sides and setting them up again, just making sure they both finish scanning before sharing the folders, and then letting them finnish exchanging indexes and syncing before restarting, disconnecting or shutting any one of them down.

What does “infamous… indexes bug” mean? I’d like to be able to assist in killing this bug since I’m using ST in a # of multi-TB environments, numerous clients, and this does not help with the confidence (this is the 1st real confidence issue I’ve experienced in 5+ yrs). Any insight in what I could do to help identify this issue?

The one with the wrong index happens to be small (20GB) folder, BUT the sync Folder ending in “22” is on 4 systems. 3 of 4 work w/o issues. 1 new one doesn’t as noted. I can “work-around the issue” with resharing it, but that’s not going to fix the issue long term for all.

Let me know if I can assist in the extermination of this bug. Thanks.

The bug is hard because we are not able to reproduce it in isolation, but we know its there as enough people encounter it.

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