Any Android CalDav/CardDav servers out there for syncthing?


Does anyone know of a CalDav/CardDav server you can run locally on Android and output a database/file structure that syncthing can pick up? Something like Fennel which is written in Golang or kcaldav in C but wrapped up as an Android apk?

I’ve read the NextCloud users run DAVdroid to bridge between Android’s Contacts and Calendar to remote server they host or rent (cloud)… So it hit, why not just put in “localhost” in the url instead and run it on the phone/tablet itself? I mean, you don’t need a full fledged web server and encryption if it’s local. You barely need password verification… No?

Am I on to something here?


Also found carldav and davserver coded in Java. Must be something out there for Android…


And we have a winner: DecSync