Another permission denied from directories related to Docker files

Hello everyone, first of all, thanks a lot to the maintainers for maintaining such a good piece of code. A selfhsoting hobbyist here. I have read the forum through, and could not find answers of my question.


  • A Raspberry pi ARM 64 which works as selfhosted server for some apps.
    • All selfhosted apps are running on docker.
    • Syncthing is installed and running bare metal on Raspberry pi.
    • ignore permissions are checked.
  • A central computer which runs normal AMD 64 Syncthing.

problem: Some files which are inside volumes of Docker files can not be synced.

loggs are here. loggs_syncthing (49.2 KB) I think my question has been answered here

but I am not sure, if I change the owner of these directories,

1.what will happen to the files and functionality of the apps.
2. why not all the apps are throwing error?
3. can I ignore the message?

sorry for long question, and thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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