[announce] syncthing-cli 0.90 - command line script to perform basic api operations

As is often the case I had an itch that needed scratching while developing my own Content DB which uses SyncThing to distribute exported views of the DB to users.

For my DB dashboard I required some SyncThing related info so this bash+curl+jq script was born. It still needs a lot of fleshing out but I wanted to put it out there as others may find it useful even in its current state.

URL: https://lightaffaire.com/code/syncthing-cli

NOTE: this script requires the ‘jq’ helper program is installed!

Constructive feedback always appreciated.



wanted to look at it but Safari won’t even open the link because of the broken LE certificate…

Thanks for pointing that out. Let me take a look once I get back from a meeting.

ok just renewed the cert so it must now be ok…

This might also be useful: https://github.com/tenox7/stc

Thanks for the tip. Its dash mode is nice and concise. Will probably add something similar…

fyi: i just released syncthing-cli 0.93

URL: https://lightaffaire.com/code/syncthing-cli