AnkiDroid is now storing data in a diffrent folder.

I would like to make the sync work again. Today the data folder is: storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ichi2.anki/files/AnkiDroid But I am not able to copy this path in the existing “partage in french” or create a new one by just copying the path.

Is there a solution ?

I don’t understand the part of your question related to “partage in french”

Under Android, the operating system usually restricts access to these kinds of folders between apps. Syncthing is not allowed to access the files of the other (AnkiDroid) app. That’s a “security” feature, but not helpful for solutions like Syncthing that are only useful when the data they synchronize is also accessible to other apps.

Different Android versions have different restrictions there, so best describe your environment and maybe some Android expert can come up with a solution. Rooting the device is a radical step, but might help to overcome the restrictions.

Hello André Colomb, Thank you for your answer. I suppose that “partage” is the french translation for “sharing”. I understand your explanation about Syncthing not able to see an other application folder (AnkiDroid). But in fact, I was not able to reach this step as in Syncthing I am only able to see few folders:

  • OPPO A53s > Joplin
  • “Télécharger” that can be translated in download.

But in other words - if I understand you correctly - I should investigate AnkiDroid to let Syncthing accesss the folder used to store data?

The separation is enforced by Android itself. There’s not much a single app can do to circumvent that. Unless you can convince AnkiDroid to store its files somewhere else, which is not common among apps though.

The app has an option to use an advanced folder picker I think, that might help. Otherwise if you know the internal path in Android, entering that while using the Web GUI (not the app interface) for adding the folder could help if it’s in fact just hidden, but accessible.