Android version so is frustrating!

Ok Guys

I have 5 Android devices and ST dies in the middle of sync (or whatever is doing in the middle) and then turns into a dead sleeping process that uses over %50 that stays offline and that cant be killed by root privilieged task apps. The only way to kill it is hard reset the device. And that is the case for all my devices except the one I run under Vortualbox that is Android x86

The weird thing is that I see that my tablet is runnig very hot and ST is listed under running tasks in a task app but not under “Apps->Running”. So this is clearly messed up.

Am I the only one who is having this issue?

All my Android devices are Arm7 running CyanogenMod with Root most are using 4.4.2 - 4.4.4

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Can you post a logcat please?

Okay so there’s tons of these messages (where the last two parts of the path are always different):

[HD6OA] 20:32:44 INFO: Puller (folder "MobileEsle", file "NEX/oandbackups/csh.cryptonite/"): dst stat dir: stat /storage/emulated/0/_SYNCEX/oandbackups/csh.cryptonite: no such file or directory

And then:

[HD6OA] 20:28:07 WARNING: Folder "MobileEsle" isn't making progress - check logs for possible root cause. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

Were you running a backup during the sync? (Of course this isn’t supposed to happen either way).

@calmh @AudriusButkevicius Maybe a bug?

So there is something definitely fishy as NEX is not even in the folder?

No i was not using a backup. I am not sure why ST was throwing bunch of errors that way.

I obfuscated some names in the logs, i might have replaced the wrong name there, if I understand it correctly