Android - Unable to exclude /Android/obb and /Android/data

Android 11 has restricted access to Android/data and Android/obb, fine, but looks like I’m unable to exclude these folders if I need to include something else from Android (more on that later)

I’m using Syncthing-Fork but the dev has assured that this behaviour is the same for the official version.

I always get in the webUI of my Android device:

But I’m actually trying to exclude it!

I tried the following exclusion patterns without success









If I exclude the folder Android the error will go away, but I need to sync Android/media/com.whatsapp since all WhatsApp user files recently got moved there recently, at least on Android 11 devices.

I still get the error if I try:



I may not be a champion at excluding folders so please let me know what I’m doing wrong. I believe this is also causing the annoying issue that scan never ends.

Reproduction Steps

  • Sync the root of your Android 11 storage
  • Exclude Android/data and Android/obb or any other pattern above
  • Error will appear, causing the scan to never end.

Version Information

  • App Version: 1.16 (Syncthing Fork)
  • Syncthing Version: v1.16
  • Android Version: Android 11
  • Device manufacturer: OnePlus
  • Device model: 8T
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I don’t think you can do that.

Okay, we have two issues then:

  • Since these folders can’t be accessed, probably should be ignored by the app itself
  • Scanning never ends.

Right, I guess what I am saying is that I am not sure there is a way to fix this. You should probably point syncthing directly at the whatsapp folder.

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Thank you, it works, but it’s jut a “workaround”.

Since I already sync the whole storage (appliyng exclusions) I had to create another synced folder for WhatsApp and exclude the Android in the other sync.

It works, but it’s cumbersome. Still hoping you’ll be able to ignore these folders within the app.

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