android two-way synchronization

Good evening, I have been using syncthing for some time. I set up storage synchronization of my google pixel smartphone with my lenovo pc.

By my habit I work from both pc and phone, and it would be convenient for me to have mirroring between pc and smartphone. That is, all the changes I make on smartphone I want to find on pc, and vice versa.

As of now, from the Syncthing app on my Pixel I read that “android access allows read-only access to the selected folder.” So I can only make changes from smartphone, whereas if I make changes on pc, they are not synchronized on phone.

I would like to know if it is possible to do two-way synchronization of the Storage and set the folder type “send and receive”.

I hope I was clear in the exposition of the question, if necessary I can post more details.

Thank you, regards

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In principle, there’s no difference between Android and other OSs when it comes to how Syncthing works, which is, at least by default, two-way synchronisation. However, Android does have some limitations and restrictions when it comes to specific folder paths and their location.

The specific folder path is also the key important information missing from the original post. Please provide an example of the path that only allows read-only access. You could also try placing the folder elsewhere in order to see whether the restriction is only about the specific path or not.