Android thinks a folder has a lot more than my other devices do

I just shared a 176MB folder containing about 9k files. It shares and syncs fine between Windows, Linux and Mac. image

But when I add Android, on the Android side it thinks it has 54k files, 1GiB. And it’s only synced 19,988 of them, for 414.2 MiB, according to the app-native UI. So it always thinks it’s way “out of sync”. See Logseq Notes here:

In my Android files app, and the app that uses them, the folders and files look fine.

I added the sync folder using the app-native UI as suggested here on these forums and it all seems fine other than this overestimate of how much is in there. Any idea why it’s doing this? Android: pixel 5, Android 14, latest syncthing.

Could be an issue with the database, but I really don’t know. I’ve installed Syncthing on a variety of devices including a Pixel and haven’t seen that problem before.

Is it just one remote device that’s linked to the folder on the Pixel? Or is it being share among multiple devices in a mesh configuration?

Try removing the folder from Syncthing (don’t delete the actual on-disk folder) then adding it back. Easiest method is probably to un-share and re-share it again from whichever device originally shared it. Syncthing will rescan the folder and update the database accordingly.

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