Android: Syncthing keeps asking to allow it to run in background

Syncthing keeps showing this screen every time I open the app. I have allowed it to run in background multiple times. Although it works fine in background - does its job just fine. I have also turned off Intelligent Power Saver of the OS.

OS: ColorOS - Android 10 - Realme UI v1.0.
Vendor: Realme 6i - RMX2002.
Syncthing: v1.16.0


the solution should be in the main drawer menu under tips and tricks. If that does not help on MIUI, maybe disabling MIUI optimization might help (careful: this resets all permission consents for all apps). I think this xiaomi MIUI specific.

I phone does not run MIUI. Like I mentioned in the question, I have also turned off Intelligent Power Saver of the OS.

Ok then I honestly don’t know - I didn’t have a phone like this in my hands before to test the app on it :frowning:. The wrapper just asks the OS if the permission was granted by the user before and if it wasn’t it shows the welcome screen again.

We could maybe try to exempt this make/model so the app does not attempt to get the “ignore optimization” permission and see how it goes?!

I had this issue with other apps before, like DavX, I could uninstall and install the app again to fix this issue. But that would require a lot of work.

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