Android sync via pc hotspot

Hello,My router works at 2.4GHz (old and slow), but my laptop supports 5GHz WiFi.Obviously, using hotspots can synchronize files with Android devices faster. But I have some problems.The computer uses a wired network,When Android devices use router WiFi, sync works perfectly.However,when Android uses win10’s mobile hotspot function,sync cannot find the device address through “dynamic”.I try to view the device address in the hotspot and enter it to make it work.Unfortunately, whenever the device address changes, I need to do it again.Can you add some support for hotspot address automatic discovery? :heart:(Enable NAT traversal and global discovery functions are not used in the above process)

It will most likely work if you enable Global Discovery (and maybe NAT traversal), as it sounds like Local Discovery doesn’t work in this setup.

With Global Discovery disabled and Local Discovery inop, connections cannot be established via “dynamic”. You need to get either Local Discovery working, or enable Global Discovery.

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Thank you very much for your help. After using local discovery and enable NAT traversal, sync can automatically identify the address via “dynamic” :smiley:


Thx you for really helpful information! :slight_smile: