Android sync creates multiple versions

So I am syncing between my pixel 6 and pixel 2xl the photo back up limits, however I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong but it backs up each time but makes a new version so I he many duplicates of the same picture.

These are my settings in the app.

Set to have one version. But on the phone I have the camera folder duplicated each time and not synced as I would expect.


Something isn’t right, but it’s difficult to say what exactly is going on with the limited information.

Please open the Web GUI (available from the left slide-out menu), and then post screenshots from there. Please unfold folder info, etc., when necessary, so that everything is visible on the screen.

Can you use some type of a file explorer and navigate to the folder in question manually? If yes, then please do it and check what’s exactly the situation there, i.e. how many folders exist, what the file versions look like, etc. The .stversions folder itself will probably be hidden by default, but there usually is an option in the file explorer to show hidden files and folders.

Also, probably unrelated to the issue at hand, but cleanup behaviour in simple versioning is currently broken (see Because of this, I personally wouldn’t use it, as deleted files with older modified time will end up being cleaned up almost immediately (unless you disable cleaning whatsoever).

Sorry, not sure what you are looking for. There were pics I took of the folders, but there did not seem to be anything in them that I could see.

I had a look and found people on Reddit mentioning it should be send and receive. What I found in the file structure when I connected to the PC was it would have “Camera” recreated multiple times in the folder. So it would be DCIM>Camera (+other folders like you mention) >Camera >Camera >Camera>camera etc and each folder was a full duplication. So that is why it was backing up on google 8 versions of the same picture.

Thanks for any more advice.

This is very strange. I’ve only seen this behaviour when trying to use the same custom versions path on both sides, and then syncing it, which would cause an infinite versioning loop. Have you specified a custom path in file versioning by any chance?

I’d be interested in seeing this screen for the problematic folder on both devices.

You have folders called both Camera and Pictures. You show a screenshot of the Pictures folder, but not the Camera folder. Make sure you’re not nesting them in some way you don’t intend.

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