Android Stereo, folder picker empty

I got this one a few days ago:

then I rooted it (so apps can write on ext drive(SD in this case)) But when i go into the app, trying to select the directory, the folder picker is empty, and I can’t pick anything (even though I have external drive(s))

Is there an option to browse to the root folders? My rooted note3 works wonderfully tho. (All running android 4.4.4)

You could try using the web gui, add a folder there and manually enter a path. (look in some file manager where your SD gets mounted)

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Are you running Syncthing as the root user and are you using Super SU? Then this may be related to the "mount namespace separation" option in Super SU. Try disabling that. This at least helps with programs like Titanium Backup.

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Yes!, that did the trick! Thank you so much.