(Android) Please stop asking me for super-user access

I downloaded the Android Syncthing from F-Droid repository. I am using Cyanogen 11 and have super-user access on user’s manual permission.

Whenever I open Syncthing’s options the program instantly requests super-user access even though I haven’t modified any setting yet. Please change this behaviour, the application should only ask for super-user privileges when you actually change an option that requires it.


If you have it running on an sdcard, then reading data of sdcard requires that.you shoulf raise an issue in the syncthing-android if you don’t have it running of the sdcard.

I am not running the app from an SD card. syncthing-android here ? https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-android/issues

Yes, that is the place to report bugs with syncthing-android.