Android only push changes, never receives

Hello, I’m new to syncthing so I’m not sure it’s a bug or a misconfiguration.

  • On my android (A) I select a folder (Camera) located on the external sd.
  • It’s not configured as master folder it’s supposed to be “send/receive”
  • I chose to share it with my mac desktop (B), previously configured.
  • After a while on B web ui I receive the notification of the new shared folder.
  • I accept and chose a local folder
  • The sync process starts

So far so good.

The problem is that whenever I add or deleted any file from my B then the changes are not forwarded to the A.

Let’s say that when the first sync is done the B web ui shows: Global State 5 / Local state 5. If I add a new file on B then it says Global State 6 / Local state 6.

If I open the A client I can still see “5 / 5” state.

Any idea? How can I see the logs?

Please see: