Android One Way Backup Photos and IgnoreDeletes

Hey there,

I have backup my DCIM folder on my PC and it syncs successfully. The issue that I have is with IgnoreDeletes.

The functionality I am looking for is to simply backup my android to my pc and when I delete a file from my phone it should not be deleted from the pc and if I delete any file from the pc it should not delete on the phone as well.

In short, I am looking to back up my android and not sync per se.

I have set the IgnoreDeletes on both pc and android folders as true. I have the android set as sendOnly and the PC set as ReceiveOnly.

The problem that I have is that If now I delete from any device, I get a local prompt saying that I am out of sync and an option to Revert Local Changes.

So the question is do I just ignore the warning? What if there were some sync issues and i want to revert changes?

What is the solution here?

PS: Also do recommend any other software as I am aware that syncthing is more of a syncing software than a backup one. But the WIFI sync is so got I want this to work.

This is normal and expected. You can safely ignore the warning.

If you want a cleaner approach, I’d suggest experimenting with File Versioning (see

I recommend that you use TWO tools:

  1. Syncthing configured for normal default sync (NOT with IgnoreDelete) to sync the photos with computer. As you know already, Syncthing is a sync tool.
  2. A backup tool to back up the photos on the computer. Maybe Restic?
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Maybe your setup is a little over-done. My setup for pictures from my android: The android is serving the pictures as the default ‘camera’: The kind of map is ‘send only’. This is synced to my server where it is a normal map, dedicated for this android device. Each android has its own camera-directory this way. On this map I set the file-versioning to ‘simple file versioning’. With this, I can delete pictures from my android and they appear to be deleted on the server. However, with ‘simple file versioning’ they are moved to the .stfolder .

WIth this I have these android-pictures directory on the server in sync with the laptop so they both get all pictures and updates. Both the server and the laptop have the ‘simple file versioning’ setting.

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