Android notification channels

The changelog for version 10.8 includes “Move ‘Syncthing is disabled’ to a separate persistent notification channel, which can now be hidden/minimised.” Does anybody know how to hide this? I can’t see any channel options in the notification settings (half swiping notification and hitting the cog.

You can disable monitoring run condition notifications, which will then just leave syncthing is active notifications.

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Further inspection seems to indicate I need Android 7.1 or above. I’m on 7.0 for now so I think I’ll have to wait. Does this sound right?

Perhaps, I thought it’s 8.0, but perhaps it’s 7.1

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It’s an 8.0 improvement (API level 26):

On devices running Android 7.1 (API level 25) and lower, users can manage notifications on a per-app basis only (effectively each app only has one channel on Android 7.1 and lower).

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thanks heaps

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