Android: metered WiFi warning when on VPN

I’m using the Android Syncthing client as well as Mullvad VPN. Recently, Syncthing started disabling itself when I’m connected to the VPN, saying “Current WiFi is metered”. This used to work without any issue. I’m not sure exactly when it changed, but seems like maybe in the past week or so. If I disconnect from the VPN it works as expected. How can I get it to sync over a VPN without enabling it for all metered connections?

This won’t be much of a help, but at least not every VPN connection/service triggers the ‘metered’ restriction. I don’t have any issue when using ProtonVPN.

And since it used to work till like last week, that would imply to me that Mullvad changed something under the hood that suddenly triggers this restriction, since the default Syncthing Android app hasn’t been updated since like the beginning of April and runs on a somewhat minimal-effort maintenance.

Did you change any VPN-related settings (non-Synching settings) recently by any chance?

I can’t guarantee that it hasn’t been an issue since the beginning of April and I just didn’t notice it, but I’ll check into the VPN side of things. Thanks!

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