Android - different sync upload/download settings

I have two Android phones syncing to/from my laptop.

Currently, my phones syncthing are configured to syncing when they are connected to WiFi and AC charging.

I would like that my phone syncing from my laptop as they are doing (wifi + AC), but I would like that they syncing to my laptop as assap (cell data and battery is ok).

So if I take a photo, it is assap in my laptop. But if I make a change in my laptop this is applied in my phones when they are wifi + AC.

Is that possible?

Not in the official application. You may want to check out, which does offer “individual sync conditions can be applied per device and per folder (for expert users)”.

Even with the per folder conditions, I think you may still need to share the same folder twice — once as Send Only (syncing only on data and battery), and once as Send & Receive (syncing only on Wi-Fi and AC).