android/data folder write permissions

i have a app redream that i like to sync my saves and save states from desktop and my phone i have it linked in app but cant write.

i know is possible to and android 11 as Speed Software’s Explorer can edit delete and save files.

all i want is to be able to sync to /android/data/io.recompiled.redream/files/saves and /android/data/io.recompiled.redream/files/states

as these locations cant be changed it has to be saved in /android/data/io.recompiled.redream/files


this is an Android restriction where the bypass cannot be used by SyncthingNative as it is not java software. In my opinion, the ticket should be raised to Google Alternatively, redream devs can add support for other save locations.

You’re likely out of luck here, unfortunately, unless you have root access. If you do though, you can enable root in the Syncthing settings and then you will be able to sync whatever you want.