Android Cli version is not connecting to the Announce server? :)


I am trying to use the cli version on Android. I am using the root account naturally to start the app. It starts fine, it scans the repos, it starts the web server but the only issue is that it is not connecting to announce server , it is offline. The gui version does not seem to have this particular problem. I even disabled my firewall on Android

It looks like linsyncthing is 0.9.9

I am wondering if anyone else could test this out on their rooted phone.

/data/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid ./libs/

On my system I have use bash to make this run for some reason, default sh gave permission errors.


Syncthing needs to be built with BuildEnv=“android” (see for example the suse package topic here for the command) because there is no working DNS resolution unless the Java APIs are used. Which we obviously don’t. Also I expect syncthing-android uses the IP number for the announce server in the default config. Android is special…

I am already using ip address which is my own announce server that sits on a vps. The same announce server works across 4 other devices (desktops) at the moment, except the Android cli version.

Anyway to get more debugging about connections with the cli binary?

That should work, then. STTRACE=net,discover shows you what’s going on under the hood, as far as it’s understandable without cross checking with the source code.

@calmhOk thanks.

It is interesting because I now see that some annoucements are made.

Here is the log after couple mins

It still shows the announce server as offline though. I also do not see that the announce server related debug there?

Ok thanks for the feedback I will look into this on my server

I do not have time to mess with my vps server. But I am doing local lookups and so far running it as root cli seems to take care of some of the issues already, my files are updated instantly almost which has never happened with the gui version. Maybe the gui version is having issues with user space processes, not sure.

I also have no out of sync files anymore. It sounds like most of my nightmares are resolved in a second. However I will keep testing it.

And the best part is that I can just kill the process in the shell so I wont need to worry about zombie

Whatever works. But I don’t see how the Android GUI would screw up the sync process, I’m inclined to think it’s innocent. But maybe it’s running an older version of syncthing than what you’re running now.

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No I am using the same syncthing version 0.9.9. I am using the one that came with the gui version

If I’m understanding the issue correctly, is this the Go 1.3 on Android DNS resolution bug? @Nutomic has the Global annouce server IP address in the config instead of the URL. I have to do this for my Android GUI install as well so I can use the local announce server. Luckily my home IP doesn’t change very much :smile: Scott