Android application asking to allow usage reporting in a loop

Hello all,

I have been using syncthing on Android for quite some time and I just downloaded the latest version (0.14.43). When I launch it, I’m getting a dialog asking if I want to send anonymous usage reports. The problem is, whatever answer I choose, the dialog keeps reappearing and the only way I could find to get out of the loop is to kill the app. Does anyone else experience this issue?

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 5.0.

There is a ticket for this on the android issue tracker.

Ah OK, thanks. I looked there and didn’t see it, I must have missed it…

i made an account just to reply to this, i hope this gets fixed, i can’t use the app anymore

Fixed release is out on Google Play.


thank you so much ! updated and works normally again ;D

Updated to the new version too, the problem is fixed indeed. Thanks a lot!