Android APP web GUI: how to recover api-key

Hi, for the first time syncthing android app asked for username and password when I started the web GUI (the installation is 1/2 months old). I know the default user/pass are “synchthing” and the API-key. Since I can’t access the web-gui nor for the web-app, nor from the browser, how can I recover the api-key ? Nowhere in the app was mentioned to take note of the api-key because one day I would be asked to login with that despite I’ve set a password. Thanks in advance

The webview build into the Android app is supposed to authenticate automatically. Have you manually changed the GUI password? What syncthing version and Android version are you running?

Are you running the newest version of the Syncthing app (which is v1.27.2.1 at the moment)?

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@Nummer378 @tomasz86 thanks for your reply. I forgot to tell you that I’m using “Syncthing-Fork” from f-droid, and I apologize because I understand this is quite relevant, moreover because they are at version while the official client is as you say. I choose that to avoid battery drain (I must admit I haven’t investigated much in differences). It was strange to me too because I’ve never been asked for login credentials from the app as you said and It was automatic.

What about the Android version? Please also check whether you can update “WebView” using the Play Store.

The device is a Boox Tab Ultra C based on Android 11 updated to the last patches for this outdated android version (2023-06-05)… shame on them.

EDIT: I’ve updated WebView through Aurora Store to the latest version (the same one on google play store) but I still have the same issue. I restarted synchthing and the whole device after the update, but still same issue.

The Android version is rather new, so theoretically there shouldn’t be any problems… I would suggest opening an issue at You should provide the same information there and possibly link to this topic too.

Just for the record, if you want to recover the API key right now, you can perform a backup using the built-in app menu and then grab the key from the config.xml file. This is just a temporary workaround though, as normally the app should just load the Web GUI with no prompts.

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Thanks I’ll use the workaround in the while, I edited the previous post about WebView.

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