Android app updates post 1.18.3 / API level 30

Just a quick question, but the Android still hasn’t been updated beyond v1.18.3.

Are there any problems with updating the app, or is it simply to the lack of time and/or perhaps other life-related busyness? :anguished:

Not involved in the release process or development but the app was last updated in October. Google play requires target API level 30 for updates since November. And the official app currently targets API level 29. I think that’s the reason.

I also am not involved in that, but I remember a discussion about the API level bump requiring some changes that has follow on effects – files that were previously accessible that were not accessible any more, and things like that, which requires a bit more careful consideration than just bumping and releasing.

It is indeed because of the API level bump. I need a review on this PR, then I’ll do a beta release to kick off the “google play process”, which might take a while until the required permission get their approval. Then I’ll do an announcement asking for testing on the beta to catch any oddities before the general release.


No problem :slightly_smiling_face:.

I was just curious. The current one is still working fine with no problems.

I will try testing the beta once it’s ready.