Android App issues when creating a directory?

Hi guys

So I have two clients (Android , and Windows) . I am syncing directories from Windows to Android perfectly , but the inverse is not working the same.I am using the Android Client to “catch” the new shares from Windows but the app doesnt really “catch” them I need to pop into the Web GUI (within the app). Then when I get the message of Adding the new share I am using a path in the SD Card This Path doesnt exist so I put the new path manually and it says "Error on folder samplefolder (folderId) folder path missing"Nothing has been created for what I go manually and create a Directory Myself with “ES File Exporer” , I create it then I choose it in Syncthing and it will say (Folder Marker missing (this indicates potential data loss… ) So I guess Syncthing is not able to create a folder (doesnt have the permissions) in that Path is literally on the children of the root of the sd card it shows as /storage/0123-4567/samplefolder any ideas?


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