Android app gets disconnected

Hi, I installed syncthing 1.10 on an android 9 phone. The app has enabled only local search enabled.

On a windows pc I have synchting 1.12.0 (sync trayzoer 1.1.24) and it has NAT, Global and Local search enabled.

Suddenly the mobile app gets disconnected. I checked all energy saving option and they should not affect the app. I read these log lines:

[OSTLT] 15:02:27 INFO: Connection to AW72SFN-2CZQVS7-34W4BDO-JPD6Q7D-AQBMQWU-MI3WG2C-5KM2WB3-AZW2PQN at closed: read timeout
[OSTLT] 15:11:36 INFO: Listen (BEP/relay): TLS handshake: read tcp> i/o timeout

It seems it was using a relay server and I wonder why since both the pc and the phone are connected on the same wifi.

Later on I see

[OSTLT] 15:18:40 INFO: Established secure connection to AW72SFN-2CZQVS7-34W4BDO-JPD6Q7D-AQBMQWU-MI3WG2C-5KM2WB3-AZW2PQN at
[OSTLT] 15:18:40 INFO: Device AW72SFN-2CZQVS7-34W4BDO-JPD6Q7D-AQBMQWU-MI3WG2C-5KM2WB3-AZW2PQN client is "syncthing v1.10.0" named "ANE-LX1" at

Any hint / help ?

Thank you.

On the Windows PC, please make sure that you have your network set to “private” and not “public”. The latter will disallow any direct connections.

If this is Windows 10, check

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