Android 7 stops Syncthing

Syncthing is always terminated after some time. Have Android 7 on my mobile phone and Syncthing runs with foreground priority. I am in the Beta program

I think syncthing is not automatically started after Wlan is recognized.If it is so adjusted the synchronization can only be done over Wlan.

Do you have a 5 GHz WLAN network? There seems to be an Android bug which causes disconnects from 5 GHz wifi.

Have you read the FAQs?

I have both 2,5 and a 5 GHz network

Go to System Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimisation -> choose “All apps” -> pick Syncthing -> Set “Don’t optimise”

I have done that.

In Syncthing-Android, go to Settings -> Experimental -> select “Keep CPU awake” and/or “Run with foreground service priority”

I have done “run with foreground priority” an now i checked “keep CPU awake”

Yes, all the items in the FAQ were set. Sync was just finished again. There was also no WLAN interruption. It makes the impression as if Android 7 is to blame for the interruption. On the phone of my wife runs Android 6 and syncing is not finished.

wfm on Android 7.1.1

wnfm on Android 7.0