Android 13 Read-only Issue

I synced a folder from my Linux PC towards my Android 13 device.

When I try to edit a file in Collaboradora Office it is read-only.

I read online lots of solutions, removed the folder and re-synced it from scratch, moved the folder inside the /Documents folder but nothing solves the problem.

I tried it with different files, they are all read-only.

I made sure the files are not locked by Libre Office or anything else.

On Android the owner of each folder is the same: u0_a286 (10286) Group is always media_rw (1023) Modus is always rwxrws (2770)

I have spent a couple of hours on trying to solve this to no result.

How can I solve this?

I just noticed that the issue only occurs using Samsung Dex, which is a way to use the phone as a desktop using a keyboard, mouse and screen.

When in this mode, I have read-only. And when I am directly on the phone screen the ‘read-only’ issue did not apply.

So my conclusion is that it may be related to Android and Dex and not to SyncThing.

On further testing I realize that while on Samsung Dex, when I open the file from the File Explorer it seems that the file explorer may only be passing a read-only intent to open the file.

However if I open the app, and then inside the app I open the file using the ‘open file…,’ option it opens with edit permissions.

It is not SyncThing related, and I hope this helps anyone having the same issue on Android 13 with Samsung Galaxy using Samsung Dex.

I use SyncThing since 2020 and cudo’s for SyncThing and their developers. It is an amazing tool!!