Android 13 on Google Pixel 6a: Syncthing shows synchronizing at 99%, but all files synchronized

After a recent update to Android 13 on my Google Pixel 6a it seems like Syncthing stumbles about finishing the synchronizing process properly:

  • All connected devices (1 Windows device and 1 Linux device) show ‘Synchronizing (99%)’ with 'Download: 0 B/s" and ‘Upload: 0 B/s’
  • I know that it is one file which is synchronized very frequently; this file is actually up to date on the Google phone as well - I just tried it again today!
  • This behavior is now for several days already
  • Restarting Snycthing does not change anything

I would expect, that after updating successfully, Syncthing shows this and not 99%.

Version Information

App Version: 1.23.0
Syncthing Version: v1.23.0
Android Version: Android 13.
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Can you show screenshots please. Does the list of out-of-sync or failed items have anything in it?

Dear @imsodin,

thank you very much for your post: you guided me in the right direction!

I was looking in the Syncthing App on my Pixel 6a only. So I did not see where the synchronizing had stopped. I was now opening the Web-UI on my Pixel. And there I could see the file name of the file which could not be synchronized.

I deleted it, and everything is fine now. Thanks again.

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