android 12 extremely slow

I am trying to sync Android/media/com.whatsapp/Whatsapp folder with 50K files, but the scanning and the syncthing are very very slow, it took me more than 10 days just to sync 45K (constant sync), when I restart the app the scan takes more than 2 days.

just to compare with a different phone with android 9 takes no more than 2 days for sync, and the scanning takes much faster.

the syncing is through lan with open ports and define tcp link.

what can I do about it? what logs do you want that I will upload? the phone is brand new with graphene os (pixel 5a)

Sadly broken by design:

Hi, my 12 is much faster than 11 was. Almost like in pre-11 times.

so what can I check to verify why I get this performance? what ver are you ruining? which log is relevant

Screenshots are always a good start.

This should not sound like advertise, but I use Syncthing-Fork v1.18.5.0 under Pixel experience ROM (Android 12), device Xiaomi mi8 .

  1. you can see that in the web-GUI it somehow shows that the local status is bigger than the global one - but it can’t be true because I sync to this device, not from him.
  2. from 21h uptime, about 20h was rescanned after reboot.
  3. the download rate is very low, in fact usually it 0

what logs are relevant?

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