Android 12 and 13 discovery and syncing

Hello, Is there a way to run a sort of “introducer” docker container that can run locally within the network that will allow 2 Android devices running 12 and 13 to “see” each other and synchronise?

I understand there is a limitation in Android that prevents Android devices from being able to discover each other and start synching?

Welcome @tam481!

You can run a relay server on your network. See Syncthing Relay Server — Syncthing documentation for more information.

I would personally consider running a private relay server only if I had a metered internet connection and/or the internet connection was really slow and/or I was synchronizing huge volumes of data.

The global relays are 1) always there for you, 2) enables good “out-of-the-box” experience without any special configuration.

I believe the question was not about relays, but a private discovery server. See Syncthing Discovery Server — Syncthing documentation for details how to set it up.

I’m running one in a corporate environment to allow discovery between different network segments and WLAN where broadcast (for local discovery) is not available. Works like a charm, you just need to configure the additional discovery server address on each device.

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