Android 11 on Note 10+

I bought a Note 10+ recently, after Note 20/21 had arrived and dropped the price, and only then wished I had paid more attention to the Android 11 problems. It is still running Android 10, but Android 11 looks like it’s coming Real Soon Now. Is this still something to worry about? My sync root is /storage/emulated/0/Sync.

I have been on 11 since before Christmas and have not had any issues at all. I only share my DCIM folder (3 different subfolders shared individually) and my downloads at the moment.

I’ve been using Android 11 for months without real problems.

But I don’t use all features (e.g. no Wifi restrictions, no run only on WiFi/battery)

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Thanks everybody. Looks like no reason to avoid the Android 11 upgrade.

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