...and it still does not sync!

Hi all,

I have an existing installation of syncthing v1.18.2, Windows (64-bit Intel/AMD).

Then I add a client on Android 11 and and configure both sides of the system.

The Android 11 client does nothing new. The Windows 10 client discovers the smartphone, starts syncing and: nothing happens, cp. screenshot.


Best regards Gerrit


I have this problem too on Android 11. Is this only happening when your phone screen is off for about 30 seconds and you are running on battery? This is what happens to me on Xiaomi mi8 using Pixel Experience 11 ROM. My ADB logs say something about “deep freezing all processes”. I tried everything (unlimited data, disabling doze via ADB, disabling battery optimization) but it did not help against the freeze. As soon as I wake the screen, Syncthing is able to do about 25 Megabytes/sec. data throughput again over WiFi. Its obviously my Android ROM or system restricting Syncthing. As soon as I plug in the charger, Syncthing also does its job well when the phone’s screen is off.

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No, I have a workaround to my bug report now:

On Android 11:

  • open syncthing app
  • open settings
  • open web GUI
  • accept all new folder requests

…and everything is fine!

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